Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilization

  • Assembled Medical Devices
  • Custom Surgical Trays
  • Catheters
  • Medical Equipment
  • Minor Procedure Trays
  • Multiple Other Products

rapid sterility release

  • Parametric Release Capabilities
  • Self Contained Biological Indicators

Testing and Validation

  • New Cycle Development
  • New Cycle Validation
  • Testing of New Devices

finished product quality inspections

  • Inspections Using Customer SOPs
  • Develop Inspection Process

project management

  • New Product to Market Launch
  • Cycle/Product Validation Support
  • Supply Chain
  • Packaging

EO Sterilization

We specialize in the sterilization of medical devices. EO sterilization is the most effective and cost-efficient way to sterilize.

rapid sterility release

With rapid release capabilities, you can be confident that your product will be sterilized in the fastest and safest way possible.


testing and validation

We are the ideal partner for new product development projects.

quality inspections

We are proud of our quality!  We can help you finish the job by inspecting your product based on your specifications.

Quality Improve

project management

No project is too large or too small. Contact us to see if we can build a partnership and grow together.

Next Steps...

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